Haim's Devon Rex


• Anne-Marie Writes:

Carrigan is a fantastic kitten!
He is a very happy, affectionate and playful cat and has all the typical characteristics of a Devon Rex. He loves to fetch his toy mice, plays with his big sister Angel (my seven year old white Devon Rex) and can be quite chatty at times. He is a very healthy and content cat. I would recommend purchasing your kitten from Haim's Devon Rex, it was an easy process and I couldn't be happier with my kitten.

• Susan Brooke Writes:

I wanted to update you on our kittens. Both are doing extremely well. Their personalities are developing.

Zoe is the classic Devon Rex - she's a lap cat, in your face, talkative, always wants to know what you're doing and follows us around the house. She tries to get into everything.

Zorro is a little more reserved, but in recent days has really been coming out of his shell. He does like his space, and he really likes to hide - but fortunately, he doesn't run away and hide, he just likes to hide under the covers, under a towel, under a blanket, under a piece of tissue paper. Just in the past couple days, he's become quite affectionate and attached (primarily at bedtime) - he crawled up on my shoulder, wrapped himself around my neck, and purred in my ear - it was wonderful! In fact, they both purr quite a lot, and very loud!

We're completely smitten by them and let them sleep with us; I thought Jan may be a little detached, but not the case - he adores them. They are beyond adorable when they cuddle up for the night and again when they slowly wake up in the morning. In between they usually have a few rounds of wreaking havoc, chasing each other from one end to the other of the condo, playing, fighting (lots of biting!) and then cuddling up with each other. Attached are some photos of the cuddling part.

• Cecile Martin from Manitoba writes:

Hello Haim. I just wanted to write and thank you for such a wonderful kitten.

Pooka, definitely lives up to his name... He has an amazing personality and very mischievous. My little purr machine has decided he has had enough for the day and is curled up on my chest... The closer the better. He is now a lanky youngster, whose coat looks like caramel ripple ice cream. Very handsome. I wanted to thank you for all of your attention to detail and making sure he was ready for his forever home. There has never been an issue of him being ready to integrate into my home.

His favorite spot to sleep is in my hands. He has lots of personality! I would love to have another kitten, but my older cat would probably have a heart attack. They get along fine now but it was a difficult process. He is here playing by himself with one of his toys, but keeping an eye on big sister just in case she wants to play with him. If I have any more good pics I will pass them along.
Thank you, and Happy New Year!

• Maria F. Kitchener Writes:

I wanted a kitten that didn't shed much ...

and researched personalities and care before choosing this breed. Our kitten is our joy! He is amazing, the cutest, most loving animal I've ever come across. He is very smart, he knows exactly what he is not allowed to do. And he is always by my side, whether cooking, doing laundry, watching tv or sleeping, he is a huge snuggle. The Devon Rex is a funny and very smart cats. We are very happy that we made the right choose and got our kitten from Haim's devonrex.

• Melissa McQuillan Writes:

Thank you for being such a wonderful breeder.

It is refreshing to speak with you and you are quickly responsive to all of my inquiries. Thank you for putting me on the list for another Devon Rex, I still have to convince my boyfriend that we need a second, but it would be nice for our Pokey to have a friend.

Our kitten is well-mannered, lovable, playful and great with dogs! He plays fetch and hide and seek. He's highly intelligent and is strikingly good-looking. He came to us completely potty-trained and even with a starter kit of food. Haim took care of his initial vaccinations as well as having him neutered. We recommend Haim's Devon Rex to anyone looking for an addition to their family. My boyfriend suffers from cat allergies and has absolutely no issues with our Devon rex. Our Devon loves to cuddle and be very close to us too.

I'll send you some more photos separately.

Warmest Regards,

• Cory, Tabitha, Caylee, and Kinsley Write:

If anyone is looking for the perfect breeder for Devon Rex, Haim is your breeder.

We're delighted to have met and gotten such a beautiful loving kitten from the breeder Haim. After being diagnosed with cancer and not being able to have another baby we decided to research the breed Devon Rex. We found the perfect breeder Haim; he was so caring and thoughtful. Gave us everything and anything we needed to know about the breed. He responded right away by email to any questions I had even before coming to visit the kitten. I loved how he showed us our kitten's mom and dad before he brought out our Kinsley. He also gave us Christmas gifts for her and extra food to make the transition easy and smooth. Kinsley is now doing amazing. She's healthy and happy. We're forever thankful to Haim for bringing us this hilarious little cuddled of a kitten.

Now she's running around the house playing with her favorite butterfly. She comes with me everywhere in the house whether it's sleeping beside me or falling asleep on the bathroom counter as she watches me get ready in the morning. I can't imagine my life without her now. Even Caylee and her have so much fun Kinsley always goes in her room and plays with her when she's coloring or playing dress up.

She sleeps with us every night and never leaves my side. The best part is how she wags her tail like a dog when she's happy.

I will send some more photos for you :) I hope you're doing well.

Thank you Haim for making us so happy.

Love Cory, Tabitha, Caylee, and Kinsley

• Amelia Guertin Writes:

We are big fan of Haim and his cats and would recommend him to anyone looking to add a beautiful Devon Rex to their family.

From the day we got Igby he has been the perfect addition to our family. I had researched the Devon Rex breed and breeders for a long time, and upon meeting Haim and his beautiful cats it was clear that he was one of the best. The kittens were healthy, happy and in a caring, loving environment. Because of the way Haim raised the kittens, we have been gifted with the most charismatic, curious and cuddly kitten to ever exist. Being that this is our first cat, it was wonderful that Haim sent us home with all the necessities to make the transition easy for both us and Igby. Haim is very detailed and ensures that all his cats have the required medical care before going home and will provide you with documentation.

Thank you Haim!!
Amelia Guertin

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