Haim's Devon Rex

About The Devon Rex

• Devon Rex kittens, and especially mature cats, look like a sculpture. And because of that, they will add a lovely decoration to the house. They come in all colors and have beautiful golden or blue eyes, short wavy hair, soft snugly cuddly warm fur (better than Angora fur). The best characteristic of the breed is that they are hypo-allergenic.

• They are very popular and in great demand due to the fact that there is a very low chance of catching an allergy from them. They will never shed their hair and are great with children.

• An especially good trait is that they are very smart, full of life, playful, charming and great enjoyment for the entire family. They are adaptable to their surroundings and take well to any loving/caring family. As they are a low maintenance, very affordable, well mannered breed with a positive attitude, you will fall in love with yours right away.

• As a reputable breeder we are very sensitive to our kittens when they go to their future homes therefore. We do not believe in raising kittens in cages. All of our kittens are Home raised, and run and play freely. We always handle and raise all of them with gentle, love, and care, and in a clean environment. We socialize with them as much as we can so they will be socialable when they go to their future home. All of our kittens will go to their future home litter trained, eating solid food on their own, have their first set of shots, and have a health certificate from a Veterinarian. We are very selective and care a great deal about where they will be going. They deserve to be in a loving home like all animals.

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